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Monday, 13-Nov-2006 08:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Snake getting ready to be Alice Cooper
Ratty with a very creative costume...
Gene Simmons and Ratty
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Longest night of the year where the ghouls come out to play! And did they play!!
Halloween party at Damo's whilst also celbrating Amber's (Bride who shot herself...) birthday...

Monday, 18-Sep-2006 10:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Lovey's Party to end all Parties!

with Lennie and Snake
Lenny always seems to be happy!
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Saturday, 12-Aug-2006 06:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark
St Albert's (Albies) Ball, Armidale

Cath and Bart looking smart for the big night
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My little brother, Barton, goes to UNE (Uni of New England) in Armidale and lives at Albies College. Every year they have a massive piss up that they pass of as a "ball". This year I attneded above said ball, and had, as they say, a BALL! 500-odd people were there at the Armidale Ex-Services club, for a 'Saturday Night Fever' themed (not that that made a difference) event. The food was not something top be really remebered, and that is exactly what I have not done, is remember the food! We all kicked on to the St Kilda Hotel, local watering hole of the rancid Albies alcoholics... a place where I felt right at home, especially with a dance floor and a bit of a boogie! The night finished well, catching the provided bus ( i think!) at about 4... i think... hehe... anyways, thanks Barto and the Albies crew for a great night, and I am sure i will be back!!!

Saturday, 5-Aug-2006 12:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Christmas in July in August

Jonny with Mr Snowman
Ta,er's turn
... and sober Snake's turn
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Just another excuse to have a kick arse partay... Really the Too High Bar doesnt need an excuse, but anyway, it gave us a theme - White. The Eggnog and Glögg were a real success; the Eggnog because it had plenty of whiskey and the Glögg because it had plenty of sugar... Shenanigans went on until about 3am, and these fotos document those least up unitl a point, a point of no return....

Thursday, 13-Jul-2006 08:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Section de Uncle Mark

Mmmmm 'UNGRY!
At least smile...
Due to a message recieved from my lovely uncle Mark, which i will not put here as it is too....
hang on, i think i will cos it is just too funny to miss out on. From my delightful uncle's fone:

"Hi M, got your email with all the pics. I did notice that u got everybody there except..... ME!!! Just like the photo board at the party you had everybody including the fu___g dog and Barts goldfish but any pics of your fav uncle & i dont mean Glennie. I even went through your entire photo website 2 c if there was jst 1 pic of me and surprise surprise there was none... boo who! There goes that big slab of cash i was going to leave you..."

Well, i suppose you are thinking "wow, what a rant!" me too. So, to put an end to your complaining uncle Marky, i have gathered all the fotos on my computer i have of you and posted them on my illustrious site for the benefit of all. Be warned people, they are scarey. Be warned Mark, there aren't many, so i dont know if that is a bad thing for you, but i am sure that when you see the fotos, you will see that it is a good thing.


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